My Name is PJ and my Call sign is 19LV002, i'am 49 years old and live at the North Coast of the Netherlands (Province Friesland) in 1981 i was 8 years when i get my first dutch CB radio the Skyline 2010 base radio 22 channels. After that i own US President Franklin ssb radio. this one i still mis hi.

The Lima Victor club was founded in 1979 in the Netherlands by Piet and two friends Jack 19LV001 and PJ 19LV002, who have the same 11-meter DX hobby. They take over the group in 2009. Piet becomes an honorary member and accepts call sign 19LV0101. in 2011 Tomek 161LV001 came in the club and is since this time Vice President of the Lima Victor group Europe.  Lima Victor club (LVDX) offers a friendly, low and uncomplicated association profile for DX enthusiasts.

We always say 'go to a club where you feel the best'. Stay dedicated
Many groups are there so pick the right one you're self. We are all in the same 11 meter hobby and if your club is A , B ,C or a individual dxers does not matter (We ❤ all 11 meter DX.)

73's PJ 19LV002 

Since 1981 on the 11-meter band